Reddit and MTV apps come to Xbox One in the US

Both apps launch today, no European release planned yet

Xbox One is to receive two new apps today: ReddX and MTV.

The ReddX app will allow players to connect to Reddit and monitor and join in discussion threads.

Players will be able to snap the app to the side of the screen while they play, ensuring they can keep track of conversations and join in when needs be.

As with other media apps, ReddX will also include a number of achievements, which Microsoft says are "named after some of the internet's favourite memes".

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However, the app will only initially be available in the US and Canada, according to an FAQ posted on Reddit by the app's developer Stern Beast.

"Unfortunately, our ad provider only serves ads in [the US and Canada] at this time," the FAQ reads. "We would very much love to bring ReddX worldwide, and are exploring options to do so while still being able to pay the bills and keep the lights on."

Also out this week is an MTV app, which offers bonus clips and full episodes of MTV shows for those with a television subscription. Again, this has only been confirmed for a US release so far.

Both apps will be available for download later today.