Xbox One Twitch app to get new features

Zoom, headset capture and 'watch with friends' coming soon

The Twitch app on Xbox One is soon to be updated with new features.

The app is to receive a zoom feature, which will enable the Kinect camera to digitally 'zoom' in on the player's face while they stream on Twitch.

This is a response to criticism from users who feel Kinect's viewing range, which covers much of the player's room, is too wide.


Also set to be added to the app is the ability to capture sound using the headset mic for those without a Kinect.

Although headset audio capture on Twitch is already possible on Xbox One, it only works if Kinect is plugged in. Without one, the app doesn't record headset audio.

Finally, a new 'watch with friends' section will be included on the app's main menu. This will let players see what streams up to six of their friends are currently watching, then choose to load the same screen and view alongside them.

Microsoft had announced that Xbox One would support Twitch broadcasting weeks after debuting Xbox One, though the feature was delayed by months past console's November launch.

Twitch streaming support finally began on Xbox One in late March, with the company confirming that the console was responsible for one fifth of the total streams on the site in its first week.


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