PlayStation Japan press conference to be held on September 1

Sony to livestream event two weeks before Tokyo Game Show

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia has announced plans to host a PlayStation press conference on September 1.

The event will be livestreamed on the company's website from at 3pm JST (7am BST/2am EST/11pm PST).


It's unclear what will be announced at the event, which will take place a couple of weeks before Tokyo Game Show kicks off on Thursday, September 18.

PlayStation boss Andrew House said in June that the primary reason for relatively slow PS4 adoption in Japan is a lack of compelling Japanese created content, so new locally developed games could be on the agenda.

"We're conscious of the fact we have not had yet the sort of groundswell of Japan native content from Japanese publishers and developers," the executive said. "I view that as temporary."

Overdue news about a delayed Deep Down beta wouldn't be surprising either. Despite receiving significant coverage in the west, Capcom's PS4 exclusive RPG is only currently confirmed for release in Japan.

While Vita's future outside of Japan is less clear, the handheld is performing relatively well in Sony's home country, where the company still views it as "a triple-A machine".

Sony will cut the PS3 price in Japan on August 28, when it will discontinue the three console models currently available in the country in favour of a single new one.


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