Activision reportedly considering its own film studio

Would produce TV and movie adaptations in-house

Activision is considering assembling its own in-house film studio to work on big-and-small-screen adaptations of its gaming licenses, a new report indicates.

According to tech news site The Information, via Engadget, unnamed sources indicate Activision's new venture would operate along the lines of Marvel Studios, producing films and television series directly for properties like Call of Duty rather than licensing them out to existing companies.


Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is reportedly still in talks with key executives for the studio, though he is said to be cautious about the long, less-than-solid history of theatrical video game adaptations.

We've asked Activision for comment on the reports and will update this story with any response.

The Warcraft movie would apparently not be part of the deal, having been in the works in multiple forms since 2006.

It's currently planned for a cinematic release in 2016 directed by Duncan Jones, who is best known for his work on Source Code and Moon.