Yo-Kai Watch reportedly releasing outside Japan in 2015

Level-5's 3DS RPG series has taken off in Japan

Collect-and-battle series Yo-Kai Watch will release internationally starting next year, according to a Japanese report.

The 3DS exclusive RPG series casts players as a young boy or girl who can befriend spirits pulled from Japanese mythology, with the help of the titular Yo-Kai Watch. Players assemble a team of spirits to battle and capture other ethereal entities hidden around their town.


The first game in the franchise released in July 2013, and it has since been adapted into multiple manga and anime series as well as a successful toy line.

Yo-Kai Watch 2 has sold more than two million copies since it released in July 2014 and has topped Japanese sales charts for five consecutive weeks.

Level-5 president Akihiro Hino told Japanese site Zakzak, as translated by a NeoGAF user, that the developer has already signed on with a foreign toy company to support the launch.

Level-5 is best known in the West for its work on the Professor Layton series and on Ni no Kuni.