Fantasia: Music Evolved pre-orders get three bonus tracks

New live-action trailer for Harmonix's upcoming Kinect title

Pre-orders for Fantasia: Music Evolved will be rewarded with a free three-song bundle, including tracks from Demi Lovato, OneRepublic, and AVICII.

The bundle announced today by Disney Interactive and Harmonix adds Demi Lovato's cover of Disney favorite 'Let It Go,' OneRepublic's 'Counting Stars' and AVICII's 'Lay Me Down'. It's available when pre-ordered from participating retailers.

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A new live-action trailer for the game shows players dancing along to the Kinect-enabled rhythm title - only to find their gesticulations joined by several groups of live performers revealed offstage.

The game includes more than 30 tracks to move along with at launch, featuring artists from Tchaikovsky to Elton John to Cee-Lo Green.

Disney Fantasia Music Evolved will release on Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 21.