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Bloodborne gameplay video offers 7-minute demo walkthrough

See the full playable demo in action

From Software has released almost seven minutes of Bloodborne gameplay footage.

The video offers a walkthrough of the playable Bloodborne demo that was on show at the Gamescom expo earlier this month.

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Announced at E3 in June, Bloodborne is being helmed by Demon's Souls and Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki, although it isn't a sequel to either title.

Yamagiwa, who is acting as producer on the upcoming PS4 exclusive, told press at Gamescom that Bloodborne has been designed to feel less punishing than Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.

"You died a lot in the previous games, and you have to persevere," he said. "One of our main goals with this game is that sense of punishment - we don't really want to focus on punishing the player.

"We want to deliver a game that gamer's love, so if the gamer likes the game they will definitely like it enough to have that bit of perseverance. But in the way which we're making the game the sense of punishment is much less."


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