Wasteland 2 release date confirmed for September

"The 20+ year wait is soon over," says Brian Fargo

The long-delayed Wasteland 2 has finally been given a confirmed release date of September 19.

Interplay and inXile founder Brian Fargo confirmed the date on Tuesday via a Twitter post. "Official Wasteland 2 release date... September 19th! The 20+ year wait is soon over," he said.


Wasteland 2 was originally scheduled to be released in October 2013, but was delayed last July due to its growing scope.

Fargo raised over $3 million to fund development of Wasteland 2, a sequel to the fondly remembered 1988 RPG which paved the way for the Fallout series.

The game quickly raised its initial target of $900,000 through Kickstarter, with the drive going on to bring in $2,933,197 thanks to 61,289 backers. A further $110,208 was pledged through PayPal.

By clearing the $2.1 million mark, Fargo was able to enlist Fallout: New Vegas studio Obsidian to collaborate on the project.

Wasteland 2 will be available on PC, Mac and Linux, and will include the original Wasteland.