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Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 includes 11 games with more to come

Deadlight, Terraria and Age of Empires Classic among the initial lineup

The Humble Bundle store has launched a new offering, entitled the Humble Jumbo Bundle 2.

As the name suggests, the Jumbo Bundle is to be larger than a regular Humble Bundle, with more games on offer under the site's pay-what-you-want policy.


Eleven games are included in the bundle so far, with more to be added between now and the bundle's closing date in two weeks.

As ever, the Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 features numerous tiers, with more games made available depending on how much money customers opt to pay.

Paying less than the average (currently $6.09) will give players the following games:

  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Blue Blood
  • Van Helsing: Arcane Mechanic
  • Van Helsing: Thaumaturge
  • Deadlight
  • Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition

Pay more than the average and you will also get:

  • Terraria
  • The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition
  • Crusader Kings II + three DLC unit packs

Finally, paying at least $15 will get you the nine games already listed as well as:

  • Age of Empires II HD + The Forgotten DLC
  • Age of Empires III: Complete Collection

As with previous Humble Bundle sales, customers can choose how much of their money goes to charity, how much goes to the publisher and how much goes to the Humble Bundle company.

If donating to charity, customers can also decide how their cash is distributed between two nominated charities: the American Red Cross and Child's Play.