Assassin's Creed Memories released for iOS devices

Spin-off card battle RPG free to download now

Assassin's Creed Memories, a card battle strategy RPG, was released today for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The GREE and PlayNext collaboration is a free-to-play spin-off of the publisher's flagship adventure series that will have players travel through time building up an Assassin's guild by "recruiting famous allies".

Customization options will let you create an Assassin and choose from an array of allies to suit your strategy and take on a full single-player campaign. You will also be able to take your guild online and face off with other players in matches with teams of up to 20 players each side.


"With an array of different Assassins to play with, Assassin's Creed Memories will allow you to revisit familiar periods in time like Colonial America and Rennaissance Italy, as well as new and unexplored eras," says Ubisoft.

"The card battle genre has been hugely popular around the world and GREE and PlayNext have demonstrated their know-how and expertise on such games," commented Ubisoft Mobile Division managing director Jean Michel Detoc.

The app is free to download, but contains in-app purchases in the form of Abstergo Credit packs, which range in price from $1.29 (100 credits) to $129.99 (11000 credits).

"The purchase of in-game currency can accelerate gameplay, but all players can play the entire game for free," says Ubisoft.

An Internet connection is required to play. Download the app via iTunes here.