Xbox One pre-download feature arrives a month early with Madden NFL 15

Pre-download feature arrives a month ahead of expectations

The Xbox One's new pre-download feature will be put to use a month ahead of Microsoft's original scheduling.

Madden NFL 15, which is due for release on August 26 in US (Aug. 29 in EU), will be the first Xbox One game to utilize the new feature, according to the official Xbox website.


This is despite an announcement from Microsoft at Gamescom earlier this month, which stipulated that Forza Horizon 2 and FIFA 15 would be the first titles to support the feature. Both of those games are due for release in late September.

"Xbox one game expected to release on 8/26/2014. You may download the game from Xbox Live before then, but it will not be playable until 12:01am PDT / 3:01AM EDT on the release date," reads official profile for Madden NFL 15.

The pre-download feature lets players who place a digital pre-order via Xbox Live download the game ahead of release in an unpalatable state. The encrypted files are then unlocked for play right at midnight on the day of launch, saving players from having to wait for it to download.

In related news, a number of Madden fans have expressed their displeasure at EA after the publisher announced that the early version of Madden NFL 15 for EA Access subscribers can only be played for six hours.

Launched on Xbox One earlier this month, the EA Access subscription service offers members the chance to download new EA games up to five days before their official release and play them early, but many expected their early access to be unrestricted.