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Comments of the Week

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


Review: Metro Redux offers an underrated series in an extremely attractive package

"You should have a look on the Steam forums if you're in the mood for a laugh/face palm/cry. All the self-entitled whiny little swearywords that think because they bought the original they should get this for free, despite the amount of hard work and improvements put into it." - MagicBoughie24

Yup, well worth a gander.

Shenmue HD isn't happening but that isn't stopping this guy

"I would give any of my remaining functional organs for a Shenmue 1&2 HD remaster... then sell my soul and all the leftover detritus of my body for Shen 3... possibly got that in the wrong order but suffice it to say, there is a price that is beyond all mortal comprehension that I would be happy to pay for these games to reappear and continue..." - Atrias

Good luck playing it when you're just a head in a beaker.

World of Warcraft subscription prices to rise in the UK

"I knew Grom not drinking the blood meant dire consequences for us." - Drusus

I don't play World Of Warcraft so I have no idea what that means. I'm reliably informed it's relevant, though.

No Man's Sky includes over 18 quintillion planets


Not looking forward to getting 100% completion on that one.

Tomb Raider can be Xbox's answer to Uncharted, Microsoft says

"I love Phil Spencer's honesty. Granted it was obvious to the whole community, that was Microsoft's ploy here with the exclusivity, but it's good to hear it from the duck's arse or whatever that saying is.

I'm looking forward to this game. I enjoyed the reboot massively." - BazJitsu

I'll admit, I literally only included this one for "duck's arse".

Alien Isolation Achievements revealed

"An Alien game where the cast of Alien are only available via a preorder DLC incentive. Gets me every time.

This industry. /facepalm" - JB4141

Don't you mean /facehug?

Mega Slowbro revealed for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

"cool story slowbro" - Rammsoldat

Simple, but I lol'd.

Activision reportedly considering its own film studio

"I can't imagine their film releases would go down all that well, you're at the ticket office and then you can watch the standard film with the option of going back in a few weeks time to pay for the bits held back, or you can pay double for the version with nothing removed.

I just hope they don't come around during the film and ask you to change seats to stop you camping" - ingy

If you think that's bad, wait until the Skylanders movie, where you have to buy a separate admission ticket for every character in the film.

Go hands-on with Far Cry 4 at GAME lock-ins

"No way I'm locking myself in with the folks at my local Game store, Far Cry 4 or not. The manager looks like that pawnbroker from Pulp Fiction." - Stan_Goodspeed

"Bring out the Special Gimp Edition with Bruce Willis DLC."


Fish play Street Fighter and get all up in each other's gills

"Watching Robert the Bruce just spamming the kick button, cheating git" - KilltheWabbit

"Better to spam kicks, than haddockens." - roland82


"There's a plaice for puns, guys, and this....Yeah, this is deFINitely it." - paperywhiteboy


"Never takes long for salmon to come up with a fishy gaming pun" - KilltheWabbit


"I'm guessing the nationality of the fish, that they are both FINish

They would have been more suited to playing World of Tanks

Their star signs are both Aquarius too.

When will they announce an a FISHal winner?

I'll get me coat!!!!!!!" - Bazza316

It's fine, I've already got it for you. Here.


Oh no, Pierce Brosnan is terrible at GoldenEye

"This article is so stupid. It's a videogame, old as dirt, no matter how good it was or how iconic James Bond was it's still a videogame and he's just an actor who probably never plays videogames, you think just because he plays James Bond in movies he's gonna be amazing at N64 Goldeneye? Hello, hello, earth to CVG. Cmon CVG, don't become lame like Kotaku. Please don't make more unfunny, useless articles like this in the future, find something better to do with your time." - FinalAttack999

Yes, I was genuinely upset that an actor couldn't play a video game. You got me.

[as a reaction to a suggestion that GoldenEye hasn't aged well]

"Chris - this is your pretentious opinion and you have stated it as fact - I still play GoldenEye (as do many friends) every few months and it plays perfectly well. For its era GoldenEye still looks exceptional and has aged exceptionally, the visuals have a very cool 90s 'stylised' realism that I particularly love. The same goes for many games of this era on PS1 and Saturn which are now needlessly criticized by bed hopping journalists.

GoldenEye has a massive following to this very day of gamers who play it on a daily basis and if you dare to even bother researching you will find a huge collection of modifications, levels, multiplayer, including the incredible GoldenEye X mod - all of which can be loaded and played on an actual n64 console!

This article is nothing more than disgusting bait. The only thing I can think of is that you, like the majority of critical journalists/gamers have tried out GoldenEye again on an emulator with a keyboard or a 360 controller - these are simply not designed for n64 gaming.

I for one, a gamer who plays GoldenEye on console to this day completely disagree with your opinion." - liveswired

Spoilers: You're allowed to.