You Don't Know Jack makers release Fibbage on Xbox One

Party game coming to PS3/PS4 in September

You Don't Know Jack studio Jackbox Games has released Fibbage on Xbox One, a party game that encourages players to craft believable lies.

In Fibbage, up to eight players fill in a single blank in a sentence, like "The mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky is a _____". Rather than winning solely by guessing the correct answer, players also get points for fooling others into guessing the answer they submitted.

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Though the game is playable on Xbox One, with a cross-buy release planned for PS3 and PS4 in September, players can submit their answers via phone or tablet by directing their devices to a website and inputting a room code.

"We're trying to corner the market on live, multiplayer party games that you play with friends on your couch or bed, depending on the type of party it is," Jackbox Games general manager Mike Bilder said in a prepared statement. "Fibbage is just the first in a series of 'party play' games, as we call them, that we plan to release. No huge stash of controllers needed, just some friends with phones and your favorite console."

Fibbage is hosted by You Don't Know Jack's narrator character, Cookie Masterson