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Destiny goes gold, white PS4 hardware bundle unboxed

Bungie's first post-Halo game launches on September 9

Destiny has gone gold, Bungie has confirmed.

The studio said in a blog post that game discs are being pressed and packed into crates ahead of the Destiny release date of September 9 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.


"Destiny is done, in some respects. Even now, so close to the end, it still feels like we're just getting started.

"This is not even our final form. Though Destiny may be basking in the gold light of release, we're already looking ahead to the next milestone, and the next one after that."

The first Destiny expansion, The Dark Below, will be released in December. It will be included with the game's second major add-on pack, House of Wolves, in a Destiny expansion pass.

Sony is supporting the launch of Destiny with a white PS4 system bundled with the game at launch. A new unboxing video of the package can be seen below.

The PlayStation versions of the game will also feature exclusive bonus content, including a new co-op Strike mission set on Mars, an additional competitive multiplayer map, and a selection of guns, gear and ships.

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