Dark Souls 2 DLC Crown of the Old Iron King released

New title update also available, includes fixes and balance changes

Bandai Namco has released the second in a three-part series of Dark Souls 2 DLC episodes.

Priced at £7.99 and weighing in at 717.03 MB, Crown of the Old Iron King is available to download now on Xbox 360 ahead of its imminent release on PC and PS3.


A trio of Dark Souls 2 DLC adventures dubbed the Lost Crown Trilogy was announced in early June.

Crown of the Sunken King launched in late July, while today's release will be followed by Crown of the Ivory King on September 24.

The second add-on pack features new stages, maps, boss characters, weapons and armour. "Beyond the Iron Keep, set in a 'brume tower' covered in soot and ash, players must bare through entirely new hardships," reads an official description. "Can you find and recover the lost crown?"

A new Dark Souls 2 title update was also released on Monday ahead of the DLC's launch. Available now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, it includes a number of fixes and balance changes.