PS3 system update released, 'improves stability'

Version 4.65 is an optional download

Sony's North American arm has released PS3 system software update 4.65.

The company calls it "a minor optional update that improves stability during the use of some features".


Over the weekend, PlayStation Network was disabled for the better part of a day as a result of a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

Sony has since moved to reassure users that it found no evidence of unauthorised access to personal information following the attack.

PS3 launched in Japan and the US in November 2006 and in Europe in March 2007. Worldwide PS3 sales to retailers had cleared 80 million units as of November 2013.

Sony will cut the PS3 price in Japan this Thursday August 28, when it will discontinue all existing hardware models and launch a new one called CECH-4300C.

A representative for PlayStation's European arm told CVG this month that the PS3 price cut is Japan specific and the company has nothing to announce regarding any similar plans.


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