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Update: Dragon Age Inquisition will feature 4-player cooperative multiplayer

Video shows mode inspired by Mass Effect 3's "fast-paced matches"

BioWare has announced that Dragon Age: Inquisition will feature a multiplayer mode for the first time in the series' history.

In a FAQ posted on the game's official website, the studio said the new four-player cooperative mode has been in development for two years and is completely separate from the single-player game.

Update: Microsoft and BioWare released a new trailer which provides a first-look at Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer combat and character options.

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"Following the success of Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode, Dragon Age multiplayer includes fast-paced matches requiring strategic team gameplay while adding Inquisition's tactical class combat and extensive loot and crafting systems.

"Dragon Age multiplayer is about mastering the fight with friends in a party-based adventure, and crafting is a key element of progression. Through crafting, you will be able to create new items that will make you better at fighting.

"We are developing Dragon Age multiplayer with quick engagement in mind. We want it to be easy to play a round, acquire new loot, and jump back into the action. Now that you have new cool weapons and armour, why wouldn't you try another mission?"

Online gameplay will feature in-game purchases using a currency called Platinum, which can be bought with real world money. There won't be an auction house or another system for players to trade items.

"Our philosophy for MP - and we are adamant about it - is that you can buy anything with gold coins, which is the currency you get from dungeon-crawling," BioWare said. "There will be no pay wall."

Twelve multiplayer characters will be available at launch, four for each class (warrior, rogue, and mage), with further characters to be added later.

"The level cap for Dragon Age multiplayer is 20. Once you hit level 20, you can promote your character, which will give you an extra attribute point for your MP characters. Promoting a character will also give you more Prestige points for the leaderboards.

"In Dragon Age multiplayer, changing the party composition with new characters can be the difference between failing and succeeding. You can unlock new characters by crafting their armour. Crafting materials are acquired by salvaging items such as weapons and weapon mods. You may also get a new armor in a chest that you can buy with gold coins. Getting a new character is definitely a goal to be pursued on Dragon Age multiplayer."

In late July, EA delayed the Dragon Age Inquisition release date by more than a month. The third entry in the RPG series is now scheduled to launch on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 on November 18 in North America and November 21 in Europe.


Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay video focuses on combat

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