UK developers more eager to work on console games

Interest in developing on iOS and PC declines, according to survey

Developers in the UK are becoming increasingly interested on working on Xbox One and PS4 games in the near future, with development on mobile and PC set to drop, according to a new report.

UK video game trade association TIGA conducted a survey of 100 UK-based developers to find which platforms they currently develop games for and which they plan to support in the future.


The main finding was that roughly half of them intend to develop Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games in the future.

Of the 100 developers surveyed, 17% are currently working on Xbox One titles and 15% are developing PS4 games. However, when asked which platforms they intend to develop future projects for, those numbers rose to 52% for Xbox One and 48% for PS4.

Elsewhere in the report, support for iOS and PC gaming appears to be slightly decreasing.

According to respondents, the most popular platforms are iOS devices, with 73% and 72% working on iPad and iPhone games respectively.

However, the survey also reveals that only 65% of developers intend to work on iOS for future projects, suggesting a slight decline in popularity for the format.

A decrease was also reported for PC games (with 63% currently working on PC games but only 58% planning to work on them in the future), while support for Android in the future appears relatively unchanged (62% rising to 63%).

Unity was also declared the most popular game engine used by UK developers, was 62% of those surveyed currently using the software to make their games.