PC games bundle slashes cost of Hotline Miami, Guacamelee and more

Indie Megabooth collection also stars The Stanley Parable, Octodad, Fract and Monaco

Several of the most critically acclaimed and award-winning indie games of the past two years have been bundled together on Steam as part of a limited promotion, potentially saving customers as much as £45 ($65).


The bundle, known as the Indie Megabooth Solid Gold Collection, features six popular games created by independent developers. They are:

  • Hotline Miami
  • Guacamelee! Gold Edition
  • The Stanley Parable
  • Octodad
  • Fract
  • Monaco

If all of these games were bought individually they would cost about £60 ($85), yet the bundle price is £15 ($20).

The promotion was created by Indie Megabooth, a Boston-based network for independent games developers.

"Think of the Indie Megabooth Solid Gold Collection as the gaming equivalent of a prized box set from your favourite classic rock band," the group wrote on its Steam page, "but without all the weird 'lost tracks' from their freestyle-jazz period.

"Sound awesome? That's because it is awesome. And by buying this awesomeness you're not only helping to support the indie developers who made the games, you're also supporting the Megabooth, so we can keep doing our thing and bringing you the best indie games, live, in person, at gaming conventions all over the world."