Star Wars teased for Disney Infinity in 2015

"2015 is not so far, far away anymore, is it?"

Key staff behind Disney Infinity 2.0 have teased Star Wars coming to the cross-franchise toys-to-life game in 2015.

At the conclusion of an interview with Newsarama, Disney Interactive's John Vignocchi and John Blackburn were asked for a hint about future plans for Disney Infinity.


Blackburn noted an earlier tease from Vignocchi: "We can talk about the future, but that's far, far away."

"2015 is not so far, far away anymore, is it?" Vignocchi responded.

Star Wars content was previously teased for the franchise during the announcement for Disney Infinity 2.0 in April. While the event largely focused on the game's newly announced Marvel characters, Rapunzel briefly appeared on screen wielding a lightsaber as Disney Interactive head Jimmy Pitaro promised "years" of fun new content to come.

Disney purchased the rights to the Star Wars franchise and all Lucasfilm studios in October 2012. The global entertainment firm acquired Marvel in 2009.

Earlier in the interview, Vignocchi said that Disney Infinity will continue to grow with new content as long as Disney keeps creating new material to draw from.

"So we've created something that we believe, in terms of the offerings of Toys to Life is much different from what our competitors are doing," Vignocchi said.

"While we respect, of course, the amazing teams behind Skylanders and all the work they've done there, and we're excited about what we've heard is coming out from Nintendo, we're trying to innovate with our software and empower players to become Disney storytellers. We want to give them a system that's so broad and has so much depth, that they don't have to turn anywhere else."

The Disney Infinity 2 Starter Pack is due for release on September 18 in Europe, September 19 in the UK and September 23 in the US.