Team Meat unveils Super Meat Boy Forever

It turns out that Team Meat's much teased new project, codenamed 'A Voyeur for September', is a Super Meat Boy endless runner game.

The developer made the revelation at the PAX expo on Friday, where it presented attendees with a playable demo of the new game, officially titled Super Meat Boy Forever.


As per a video via Joystiq (embedded below), the game appears to retain the same 2D platformer gameplay as the original Super Meat Boy, but this time assumedly challenging players to get as far as they can in an endless and increasingly difficult level.

Super Meat Boy Forever appears to bare absolutely no resemblance to the teaser trailer for A Voyeur for September released on August 18, and the two titles were seemingly not specifically connected at the show.

However, it has been noted that 'A Voyeur for September' is an anagram of 'Super Meat Boy Forever', reliably connecting the two.

A Super Meat Boy Forever release date was not set, with Team Meat only willing to say it'll be out "when it's done".