Japanese PS Plus users to receive 350+ free PSP games (UPDATE)

Entire UMD Passport catalogue to be unlocked until the end of the year

UPDATE: Due to a translation error by the source article, the information in the below story is incorrect. Players have to already own the PSP games in question in order to transfer them to the Vita. The service being offered to PS Plus customers is the ability to perform the transfer for free rather than a fee. Apologies for the misinformation.

Original story:

Sony has announced that Japanese subscribers to the PlayStation Plus service will gain free access to over 350 PSP games until the end of 2014.

Starting September 17 and lasting until the end of the year, subscribers will be able to freely download any game from Sony's UMD Passport catalogue, reports Siliconera.


Originally announced before the release of the Vita, UMD Passport is a service that enables PSP owners to transfer their software library to Vita for a fee.

The scheme enables Vita owners to download copies of PSP games they already own at a discounted price, with PSP games priced between around 500 yen (£2.88 / $4.80) and 1500 yen (£8.64, $14.40).

However, the entire catalogue, which currently consists of 374 titles, will now be unlocked for PS Plus subscribers.

The catalogue includes notable first-party PSP titles such as Gran Turismo and LocoRoco, as well as a wide variety of third-party games including titles from the Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and Monster Hunter series.

The UMD Passport service was only made available in Japan, with Sony deciding not to make it available to western gamers.

This therefore makes it unlikely that a similar offer will be made to American and European PS Plus subscribers, although there are a number of PSP games currently in the PlayStation Store.