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Street Fighter 4 devs recruiting for new fighting game

Mystery new title from Yoshinori Ono and co.

Street Fighter 4 lead man Yoshinori Ono and developer Dimps are looking for new staff to work on a mystery new fighting game.

"We are recruiting colleagues to work together with us at Dimps studio for new FG," said Ono via Twitter on Tuesday, linking to a job listing on Japanese site Imagica Digitalscape.


Dimps was the studio that co-developed Street Fighter IV alongside Capcom. The job listing linked doesn't reveal any information on the title in development, other than that it's a "next generation fighting game" with the aim of meeting the lofty expectations of modern fighting game fans.

Ono made headlines in July after he appeared to have let slip via his LinkedIn page that he's working on an unannounced game for PS4 title.

According to the swiftly removed resume entry, Ono is working as the producer of an "unreleased title" for PS4, with a release window indicated as "201x" or, more specifically, some time beyond 2014.

It's unclear if this new fighting game and the purported PS4 title are connected.

A new Street Fighter entry would seem the most likely candidate for the new fighting game, with the recent arrival of a new generation of consoles marking an ideal time for the presumably inevitable next-gen Street Fighter 5.

But a new Street Fighter game is not likely to be PlayStation exclusive, suggesting that the PS4-only title Ono alluded to in July could be a separate title within another franchise. Street Fighter aside, Ono has in recent years worked on games in the Dark Stalkers, Monster Hunter and Onimusha franchises.

Ono's other projects at Capcom currently include executively producing PS4 RPG game Deep Down.