Starbucks 'digital visionary' becomes EA marketing chief

Chris Bruzzo plans to improve communications with gamers

EA has hired the 'architect' of Starbucks' digital presence as its new marketing chief.

Chris Bruzzo joins EA as chief marketing officer, and will be in charge of changing the way the publisher communicates with its customers in the social media age.

"Chris will lead an integrated marketing, communications, web and digital service organization designed to advance our ability to put players first," reads a statement on the official EA news blog.


"Partnering with our development and technology teams, Chris will ensure we are delivering personal and meaningful experiences for players every time they connect with us and play an EA game."

As vice president of digital strategy for Starbucks, Bruzzo crafted the global coffeehouse chain's original digital and social media strategy.

He then stayed with Starbucks for seven years, evolving the company's digital presence in the wake of social media, before leaving to join EA.

"[Chris] has tremendous passion for building deeper connections for brands with their customers, and I know Chris will lead us to connect with all of you in new and inspiring ways," EA CEO Andrew Wilson said in the company's statement.

EA 'won' The Consumerist's reader-voted Worst Company In America award in 2012 and again in 2013, partly due to its negative reputation among gamers.

However, the publisher did not receive the award in 2014, having been eliminated in the first round of the tournament by Time-Warner.

In August, Wilson said EA was "getting better at listening" to its gamers.