Killzone Shadow Fall update adds Clan Warzones

New co-op modes and ranking options for challenges

A new patch for Killzone Shadow Fall released this week implements the second phase of clan support, letting players take on rival (or random) player groups in dedicated modes.

As of patch 1.5, clans can now participate in Warzones and Matches and track their progress in leaderboards. They can challenge specific rivals or simply go in for matchmaking against other clans.


The PS4 launch shooter arrived without native support for clans in its multiplayer component. An update released in February added basic clan functionality to the game, allowing players to identify themselves by their affiliation and more easily invite clan members to join parties.

Patch 1.5 also added a ranking system to help players track what challenges they need to accomplish in order to advance, enabled challenge progression in bot matches and added shield assist points for players who protect others with shields.

The update bolstered Killzone Shadow Fall's Intercept mode with a two-player game mode and an extra-difficult 'Overkill' mode. The wave-defense co-op mode received its own standalone release in August.

Killzone developer Guerrilla Games says it plans to release more free competitive and co-op maps as well as a third multiplayer expansion in the future.