Name Format Date Posted
Batman Arkham City: 'It's just a better game' PC PS3 360  15th Oct 2010
Batman Arkham City: 'The future is a big question mark for us' PC PS3 360  18th Oct 2011
Batman: Arkham Asylum 3D PC PS3 360  5th Mar 2010
Batman: Arkham City PC PS3 360  2nd Oct 2010
Batman: Arkham City - Rocksteady on Detective Mode, boss battles and more ONL PC PS3 360  11th Apr 2011
Battlefield 2142 PC  2nd Oct 2006
Battlefield 2142 PC  14th Jun 2006
Battlefield 2142, part one PC  17th Jul 2006
Battlefield 2142, part two PC  21st Jul 2006
Battlefield 3: 'DLC should be about giving players something new' PC PS3 360  1st Jun 2012
Battlefield 3: 'The console version looks so much better than anticipated' PC PS3 360  21st Apr 2011
Battlefield Play4Free: 'We're targeting CoD and Halo fans' PC  31st Mar 2011
Battlestations: Midway PC 360  14th Dec 2006
Battlestations: Pacific PC 360  9th Mar 2008
Beyond beautiful: How PS4's Drive Club could be the first 'social racing sim' PC PS3 360  1st Mar 2013
Binary Domain: 'Japanese and UK writers collaborated on the story' PC PS3 360  8th Jan 2012
Bioshock PC 360  23rd Jun 2007
Bioshock PC  25th May 2007
BioShock 2 Interview PC PS3 360  9th Feb 2010
BioShock Infinite: 'Combat has evolved in a very substantial way' PC PS3 360  25th May 2012
BioShock Infinite: 'Heavy Hitters bosses will add variety, strategy to combat' PC PS3 360  8th Mar 2012
BioShock's Ken Levine PC PS3 360  27th Aug 2010
BioWare All 27th Jan 2009
BioWare Interview DS PC PS3 360  12th May 2008
BioWare interview Pt. 1 WII PC PS3 360  8th Jul 2009
BioWare Interview Pt. 2 WII PC PS3 360  13th Jul 2009
BioWare's Ray Muzyka Pt. 1 PC 360  1st Feb 2010
BioWare, part one PC  19th Jan 2007
BioWare, part two PC  21st Jan 2007
Bizarre Creations on Blur Pt. 1 PC PS3 360  22nd Mar 2010
Bizarre Creations on Blur Pt. 2 PC PS3 360  26th Mar 2010
Bizarre Creations: Blur PC PS3 360  19th May 2009
Black Ops 2 interview: 'We're not just iterating, we're innovating on every front' PC PS3 360  3rd May 2012
Black Ops 2: "We retain plausibility and authenticity" PC PS3 360  3rd Nov 2012
Blacklight: Tango Down PC PS3 360  11th May 2010
Blacksite PC PS3 360  18th Jun 2007
Blacksite: Area 51 PC PS3 360  6th Feb 2007
Blizzard PC  16th Jan 2007
Blizzard on Mists Of Pandaria: 'We got really geeked up about this expansion' PC  24th Sep 2012
Blizzard on Mists of Pandaria: 'We wouldn't hesitate to do a tablet version' PC  26th Mar 2012
Blizzard talks the WoW factor PC  25th Aug 2005
Blizzard's Rob Pardo PC  26th Jul 2008
Blizzard's Russell Brower PC  9th Mar 2010
Bodycount: 'Bulletstorm and Brink were our acid test' PC PS3 360  29th Jun 2011
Borderlands 2: 'Solo players don't like jackasses messing with their story' PC PS3 360  6th Apr 2012
Borderlands 2: 'This is THE gun game' PC PS3 360  18th Aug 2011
Brink: 'A world people haven't seen before' PC PS3 360  10th Mar 2011
Brink: 'Current-gen consoles do exactly what we need' PC PS3 360  24th Mar 2011
Brink: 'I still don't understand why people make the games they make' PC PS3 360  1st May 2011
Brink: 'We'd like it on every possible platform' PC PS3 360  16th Mar 2011
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