Name Format Date Posted
Saints Row: The Third ONL PC PS3 360  14th Nov 2011
Scramble XLA  26th Feb 2007
Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection PS3 360  18th Feb 2009
Serious Sam: Double D XXL review: It's seriously simplistic XLA  26th Feb 2013
Shadow Complex XLA  16th Aug 2009
Shadowrun PC 360  31st May 2007
Shadows of the Damned 360  21st Jun 2011
Shank 2 review: Kill with guns, knives and raw fish in this stylish brawler PC PS3 360  11th Mar 2012
Shivering Isles 360  17th Apr 2007
Silent Hill Downpour review: Promising ideas buried by lack of focus PS3 360  22nd Mar 2012
Silent Hill: Homecoming 360  26th Feb 2009
Singularity 360  1st Jul 2010
Skate 2 360  23rd Jan 2009
Sleeping Dogs review: One of the best open world games of recent years PC PS3 360  14th Aug 2012
Smackdown vs RAW 2010 360  19th Oct 2009
Small Arms XLA 360  9th Jan 2007
Sniper Elite V2 review: Its got guts - but fails as a shooter PC PS3 360  1st May 2012
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 review - Entertaining action let down by frustrating AI PC PS3 360  19th Mar 2013
Sonic Generations PC PS3 360  31st Oct 2011
SoulCalibur V PS3 360  31st Jan 2012
Spec Ops: The Line review: A smart, compelling, but confused shooter PC PS3 360  26th Jun 2012
Splinter Cell Conviction ONL 360  13th Apr 2010
Split/Second: Velocity PS3 360  18th May 2010
SSX Review: EA's classic gets back on board PS3 360  28th Feb 2012
Stacking PS3 360  10th Feb 2011
Star Trek review: Brown alert PC PS3 360  25th Apr 2013
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II PS3 360  15th Nov 2010
Steel Batallion: Heavy Armour review: A promising game, crippled by Kinect 360  19th Jun 2012
Syndicate review: Play it in co-op - or don't play it at all PC PS3 360  21st Feb 2012