Name Format Date Posted
GTA IV: The Lost and Damned 360  22nd Jan 2009
GTA V: Time to get real PC PS3 360  1st Jun 2011
GTA: Chinatown Wars DS  20th Jan 2009
GTA: Liberty City Stories PSP  14th Sep 2005
GTA: Vice City Stories PSP  11th Oct 2006
GTR - FIA GT Racing Game PC  13th Oct 2004
GTR 2 PC  8th Jun 2006
Guild 01: Four games from four legendary designers 3DS  21st Nov 2011
Guild 01: Suda 51 teams up with Final Fantasy Tactics creator 3DS  8th Apr 2012
Guild Wars PC  26th Dec 2004
Guild Wars Factions PC  24th Feb 2006
Guitar Hero II 360  23rd Jan 2007
Guitar Hero World Tour PS3  14th Sep 2008
Guitar Hero World Tour 360  16th Jun 2008
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith 360  22nd May 2008
Guitar Hero: On Tour DS  22nd Apr 2008
Guitar Hero: World Tour WII  1st Jul 2008
Gun XBX  12th Oct 2005
Gun XBX  8th Sep 2005
Gun Loco: Is it a trailblazer for Square Enix? 360  7th Nov 2010
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