Name Format Date Posted
Resident Evil 6: Does Capcom's all-action Resident Evil betray the series' roots? PS3 360  21st Jul 2012
Resident Evil 6: The most promising Resi in years PS3 360  11th Mar 2012
Resident Evil 6: Three campaigns and three ways to play PS3 360  10th Apr 2012
Resident Evil Revelations: Hands on with Capcom's ship-shape HD-make WiiU PC PS3 360  18th Feb 2013
Resident Evil Revelations: Kill zombies, score points, buy guns 3DS  29th Nov 2011
Resident Evil Revelations: Shoot the zombies or the terrorists win 3DS  18th Oct 2011
Resident Evil Revelations: The best of old and new 3DS  7th Jan 2012
Resident Evil Revelations: The most impressive game on the 3DS? 3DS  26th Sep 2011
Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D: Mindless shooter or a fight for survival? 3DS  12th May 2011
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Does survival horror and squad-shooter mix? PC PS3 360  10th May 2011
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Hands on-with Versus mode PC PS3 360  1st Mar 2012
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Is co-op the silver lining? PC PS3 360  12th Feb 2012
Resident Evil: Revelations: Returning to its roots 3DS  28th Aug 2011
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles WII  11th Aug 2007
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles WII  23rd May 2007
Resistance 2 PS3  11th Mar 2008
Resistance 3: A fresh start for the series? PS3  15th Dec 2010
Resistance 3: PS3's best exclusive shooter? PS3  29th Jun 2011
Resistance 3: The most well-rounded shooter on PS3? PS3  30th Aug 2011
Resistance Burning Skies: Hands-on with Sony's portable sci-fi shooter Vita  25th Apr 2012
Resonance of Fate 360  24th Feb 2010
RF Online PC  8th Feb 2006
Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure: Layton meets Ouendan? 3DS  13th Nov 2011
Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure: Sega's Elite Beat Agents? 3DS  5th Feb 2012
Ridge Racer Unbounded: Less drifting and more destroying PC PS3 360  17th Jul 2011
Ridge Racer Unbounded: Taking the series in the right direction? PC PS3 360  4th Feb 2012
Ridge Racer Unbounded: Unbelievable or Unrecognisable? PC PS3 360  12th May 2011
Rise & Fall: Civilizations At War PC  25th Jul 2005
Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends PC  18th Apr 2006
Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends PC  21st Jul 2005
Rise of the Argonauts 360  10th Aug 2008
Rise of the Argonauts PS3  4th Jun 2008
Rise of the Argonauts 360  1st Jun 2008
Risen 2: Pirate RPG is great fun - but will it shine on consoles? PC PS3 360  27th Feb 2012
Rock Band 360  13th Aug 2007
Rock Band PS3  30th Jun 2007
Rock Band 2 360  12th Aug 2008
Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis WII  18th Sep 2007
Rodea the Sky Soldier: A new hit in the making from the Sonic creator? WII  19th Mar 2011
Rogue Warrior PC  5th Dec 2006
Rogue Warrior 360  22nd Nov 2006
Rolling deep with San Andreas PC PC  4th May 2005
Roman bloodbath: Hands-on with Crytek's Ryse One  21st Jun 2013
Rome 2: First look at the biggest Total War ever PC  2nd Jul 2012
Rome II Total War video preview: Across sea and land PC  1st Aug 2013
Rome: Total War - Alexander PC  4th May 2006
Rugby 06 XBX  30th Jan 2006
Rumble Roses XX 360  24th Oct 2005
Rune Factory 4: More farm, harm and charm 3DS DS dsi  10th Sep 2011
Ruse PC PS3 360  25th Mar 2009
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