Name Format Date Posted
Pandora's Tower: A frustrating swan song for the Wii? WII  11th Mar 2012
Paper Mario 3DS: Why this piece of pulp fiction will be A5-star triumph 3DS  31st Mar 2012
Paper Mario: Sticker Star: More perfectly-pitched Mario magic 3DS  1st Sep 2012
PES 2008 WII  22nd Jan 2008
Pikmin 3: Hands-on with Wii U's rocky sequel WiiU  6th Jun 2012
Pokémon Black and White 2: A whole new world DS  17th Jun 2012
Pokémon X & Y: Nintendo series looks set for an evolutionary leap on 3DS 3DS  14th Jan 2013
Prince of Persia 3 GC PC PS2 XBX  12th Aug 2005
Prince of Persia: Rival Swords WII  21st Feb 2007
Project P-100: An action-packed Pikmin from the makers of Bayonetta WiiU  12th Aug 2012
Project X Zone: Resi vs Tekken vs Mega Man vs Virtua Fighter 3DS  24th Jun 2012