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Hacked games companies: Do LulzSec victims face legal risk? PC PS3 PSM PSN PSP Vita 360  29th Jun 2011
Half-Life 3: What we want to see PC PS3 360  2nd Apr 2011
Halo 'desperately needs a kick-start' XBX 360 KIN XLA  3rd Jan 2011
Halo 1 remake: Is there any point? XBX 360  5th Dec 2010
Halo 3 Beta 8th May 2007
Halo 3 Beta: The Highs and Lows 360  10th Jun 2007
Halo 3 Dissected - New Details 360  10th Apr 2007
Halo 3: 7 things to do before the beta ends 360  2nd Jun 2007
Halo 4 - What we want to see 360 KIN XLA  26th Feb 2012
Halo 4 guide: 9 killer secrets you might have missed 360  11th Nov 2012
Halo 4: Dissected 360  15th Jun 2011
Halo 4: Doomed from the start? 360  3rd Jul 2011
Halo 4: What we want to see 360  8th Jan 2011
Halo goes mobile with Spartan Assault MISC PC  4th Jun 2013
Halo Reach leaks, iPad and PS3 delays: 2010 in Review - January iph MAC WII PC PS3 360  26th Dec 2010
Halo Reach vs. God Of War III for GOTY? Not likely... All 12th Jan 2010
Halo Whores 360  13th Oct 2007
Hands-on: DS Lite DS  10th Mar 2006
Hands-on: Nintendo raises expectations with the Wii U GamePad WiiU  11th Jun 2012
Hands-on: Ubisoft's 'mixed bag' Vita launch line-up Vita  2nd Feb 2012
Happy Birthday Xbox 360. Now die. 360 KIN XLA  23rd Nov 2010
Hard to the core: 30 Achievements and Trophies for the super-elite PS3 360  26th Jan 2013
Hardware review: Can Razer's StarCraft peripherals cut it? PC  8th Mar 2013
Hardware, Hard Times PC  20th Jan 2007
Has Kinect just found its hardcore games? 360  16th Sep 2010
Has Microsoft killed our chances of getting video game programmes on TV? 360  13th May 2012
Has MS handed the online gaming crown to Sony? PS3 360  1st Sep 2010
Has Nintendo broken Mario Kart? WII  12th Oct 2007
Has Rockstar gone too far? WII PS2 PSP  23rd Jun 2007
Has this been the best year of games ever? 3DS WII PC PS3 360  29th Nov 2011
Have we a God Of War 3 beater on our hands? PS3 360  23rd Jul 2010
Have you warmed to iOS gaming in 2011? iph 3DS WII PS3 360  11th Dec 2011
Here's What You Missed All 2nd Jan 2008
Heroic Map Pack Impressions 360  12th Dec 2007
Hey, Hollywood! Get your hands off our games PC PS3 360  17th Mar 2011
Hey, PC! When did you get so attractive? PC PS3 WiiU 360  22nd Jul 2011
Hideo Kojima could cement a triple-A Silent Hill PC PS3 360  20th Oct 2012
History in the making PC PS3 Vita WiiU 360 KIN  22nd Jun 2011
History Lesson: Bible Adventures and the unholy intentions of Wisdom Tree MISC  8th Jun 2014
History Lesson: Broken Sword - The Shadow Of The Templars PC  19th Apr 2014
History Lesson: Capcom MISC  4th May 2013
History Lesson: Castlevania MISC  29th Sep 2013
History Lesson: Chrono Trigger MISC  12th Jan 2014
History Lesson: Cing MISC  8th Dec 2013
History Lesson: Commodore VIC-20, the computer forever in its successor's shadow MISC  24th Aug 2014
History Lesson: Dragon 32, the Welsh computer MISC  14th Sep 2014
History Lesson: Dragon Quest creator Yuji Hori MISC  2nd Feb 2014
History Lesson: Earthworm Jim, gaming's greatest invertebrate MISC  16th Nov 2014
History Lesson: Elite, the first stunning open-universe game MISC  19th Oct 2014
History Lesson: F-Zero 3DS GC WiiU  8th Sep 2013
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