Name Format Date Posted
WIN! Laptop worth £1300! PC  30th Nov 2006
Win! Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning DS  31st Oct 2006
Win! Lich King and BradyGames guide PC  18th Nov 2008
Win! Limited Edition statues and copies of Hellgate London PC  27th Sep 2007
WIN! Lineage II: The Kamael Stuff PC  29th Jan 2008
Win! Loads of Transformers goodies 360  16th Jul 2007
Win! Lord of the Rings Online pre-order packs! PC  3rd Apr 2007
Win! LotRO Gold Edition PC  11th Apr 2008
Win! Mario Kart DS and a Wi-fi dongle! DS  1st Dec 2005
Win! Massive gaming Xmas book bundle All 22nd Dec 2011
Win! Massive Sony Bravia TV, PS3 and Vanquish PS3 360  4th Nov 2010
Win! Max Payne and Blu-ray player PC PS3 360  6th Apr 2009
Win! Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360  5th Nov 2009
WIN! Need for Speed Carbon GBA DS GC PC PS2 PSP 360  26th Oct 2006
Win! Ninja Gaiden Black on 360 360  4th Apr 2008
Win! Nintendo DS and King Kong! DS  21st Dec 2005
Win! No More Heroes 2 clothing 25th Jun 2010
Win! Nvidia 8800 & Sins of a Solar Empire PC  9th Jun 2008
Win! Official GTA IV Strategy Guide PS3 360  25th Apr 2008
Win! One month free with Down Your Pipe! PC  1st Jun 2006
Win! One of 10 Copies of Cold Winter on PS2! PS2  10th Jun 2005
Win! Overlord and GeForce 8800 GTX GFX card PC  7th Jul 2007
Win! PC gaming rig! All 15th Nov 2007
Win! PDC World Championship Darts goodies PS2  18th Jan 2007
WIN! Phantasy Star Universe goodies! PC PS2 360  20th Nov 2006
Win! Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines and sexy Slimline PS2 All 19th Sep 2005
Win! places at Capcom's Christmas community day PS3 360  27th Nov 2011
Win! Play CoD4 DLC first 360  19th Mar 2008
Win! Play Company of Heroes now! PC  18th Aug 2006
Win! Play Modern Warfare 2 early PC PS3 360  2nd Nov 2009
Win! PlayStation 3 and Ice Age 3 PS3  20th Nov 2009
Win! Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones! PS2 XBX  5th Dec 2005
Win! Pro Evo Soccer 6 Piggyback Game Guide PC PS2 360  6th Nov 2006
Win! Pro Evolution Soccer 6 on 360! DS PS2 PSP 360  26th Oct 2006
Win! PS2 + Tekken 5 and God of War! All 21st Jul 2005
Win! PS3 and Predator Blu-rays PS3  30th Jun 2010
Win! PS3 Slim and Borderlands PC 360  23rd Oct 2009
Win! PS3 Slim and Red Dead Redemption goodie bag 5th Nov 2010
Win! PS3, 360 and HD TV PC PS3 360  9th Nov 2009
Win! PSP and Lumines 2 PSP  15th Nov 2006
WIN! PSP and Rocky Balboa PSP  23rd Jan 2007
Win! PSP and Vice City Stories swag! PSP  3rd Nov 2006
Win! PSP Giga Packs and games! PSP  16th Feb 2006
Win! PSP plus year's free The Cloud subscription PSP  2nd Feb 2007
Win! PSP Slim and Final Fantasy PSP  26th Nov 2007
Win! PSP Slim and King of Clubs PSP  25th Mar 2008
Win! PSPs, Crisis Core and games PSP  28th Jul 2008
Win! Radeon and Lord of the Rings Online PC  4th Dec 2009
Win! Raptor Gaming Gear PC  17th Jul 2009
Win! Razer Krait - specialist MMO and RTS mouse! PC  26th Feb 2007
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