Name Format Date Posted
Wanted? Win Dead or Alive Ultimate plus Live kits! All 18th Feb 2005
Win a Biometric Fingerprint flash drive with Firewall All 31st Mar 2006
Win a Blu-Ray player and Dante's Inferno anime! All 9th Feb 2010
Win a Crystal Xbox and Halo 2 Special Edition... All 11th Nov 2004
Win a Gameulator - the ultimate gaming accessory! All 18th Feb 2005
Win a Wii U in our Year Of Luigi Memorial Quiz WII WiiU  14th Mar 2014
Win an SP 5000 Infocus big screen projector worth over a grand! All 23rd Dec 2004
Win an Xbox 360 Elite and Golden Joystick tix! All 7th Sep 2007
Win an Xbox 360 Halo mega-bundle! All 8th Feb 2010
Win Codename: Panzers limited edition boxed set! All 19th Aug 2005
Win Dell Notebook and PC Football Manager 2006! All 21st Oct 2005
Win EA Sports Active WII  11th May 2009
Win EverQuest II, dedicated EQ II Z-boards and special EQII goodies! All 17th Nov 2004
Win exclusive VIP Gold Access for the first FIFA Interactive World Cup! All 10th Nov 2004
Win Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season! All 27th Feb 2012
Win Metal Slug 3! All 6th Dec 2004
Win Nintendo DS and first-party launch games! All 10th Mar 2005
Win tickets to 50 Cent gig! All 12th Oct 2005
Win tickets to Game On! WII PC PS3 360  14th May 2009
Win tickets to Prince Of Persia movie premiere! All 29th Apr 2010
Win Worms 4! And a PS2! All 26th Jul 2005
Win! A barrel-load of King Kong goodies! GBA WII PC PS2 PSP XBX 360  14th Nov 2005
Win! A trip around the world! All 18th Oct 2007
WIN! A Wii with Monster 4x4 and GT Pro Series WII  19th Dec 2006
Win! Blaze MegaDrives WII PS3 360  11th Sep 2009
Win! Edge Subscriptions All 14th Mar 2009
Win! GBA SP signed by Shigeru Miyamoto! GBA GB2 GBC N64 DS GC WII  15th Nov 2005
Win! HD TV, 360 and Wolverine! DS WII PC PS2 PS3 PSP 360  27th Apr 2009
Win! Home cinema system and American Pie WII PC PS3 360  27th Nov 2009
Win! Icy Dock and Samsung PC kit All 19th Jul 2013
Win! iPod and Public Enemies WII PC PS3 360  2nd Nov 2009
Win! Massive gaming Xmas book bundle All 22nd Dec 2011
Win! PC gaming rig! All 15th Nov 2007
Win! Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines and sexy Slimline PS2 All 19th Sep 2005
Win! PS2 + Tekken 5 and God of War! All 21st Jul 2005
Win! See the Transformers film this week! All 13th Jul 2007
WIN! Sitecom Gaming Router DS dsi WII PC PS3 PSP 360  16th Mar 2009
Win! Slimline PS2 and Splinter Chaos: Theory goodies! All 20th May 2005
Win! Tank Paintballing and Smokin' Aces 2 WII PC PS3 360  15th Jan 2010
WIN! The CVG Big Quiz of 2006 DS WII PC PS2 PS3 PSP 360  25th Dec 2006
Win! Thrustmaster Run 'N' Drive and a PS3 All 18th Jul 2007
Win! Tickets to Download Festival at Donington Park All 29th May 2007
Win! TOCA and Colin McRae PSP! And a PSP! All 2nd Sep 2005
Win! Tony Hawk: Ride and Vans WII PS3 360  18th Nov 2009
Win! VIP Tickets to Fuse 07 All 22nd Sep 2007
Win! Wii and Championship Darts 2009 WII  5th Jun 2009
Win! Wii and CID The Dummy WII  23rd Mar 2009
Win! Wii and Disaster: Day of Crisis WII  20th Oct 2008
Win: Blu-ray player & X-Men Origins: Wolverine DS dsi WII PC PS3 PSP 360  12th Oct 2009
Win: Wii and Metroid Prime Trilogy WII  21st Aug 2009
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