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    REVIEWED: Alone in the Dark

    ... they lied. There comes a point in AITD, about 80% in, where Eden Studios pulls a very cheap trick. It artificially boosts the longevity of a game perilously close to the wrong side of the six hour mark by featuring a root-killing collect-a-thon, similar to Zelda: Wind Waker's Triforce shard hunt. For one brief moment we caught sight of the game we were promised. Then, after a quick spell, it was all over.

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    XBW 67 Out Now!

    Let's take a deep breath here. Gears of War 2, Fifa, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Viva Pinata 2: Trouble in Paradise, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Braid, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Mercenaries 2, Fable 2, Lord of the Rings: Conquest, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Prince of Persia, Call of Duty: World at War... That's not even half of it!

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    Portal's Companion Cube Cameos in Multiwinia

    Christmas! The first preview version of Multiwinia arrived in the office today, making us all aquiver. I ripped into it with childish haste, by which I mean to say that I slowly installed it and then carefully typed in my 27-digit authentication key exactly as it appeared in the covering letter. And inside, a surprise! My dear old friend, immortalised in polygonal gold.

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    Rabbids and Smash Bros? It has to be NGamer issue 25 OUT NOW!

    Can you hear a high pitched wail of "WAAAAHHHHH!" emanating from your local newsagent? Either it's the shop owner going ballistic at young tearaways shoplifting all the sherbet dib-dabs or issue 25 of NGamer has arrived on the shelves. Yes, returning for their second cover stint it's Ubisoft's Rabbids, this time promoting their balance board extravaganza, Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party.

    Matthew Castle

    Associate Editor, Official Nintendo Magazine

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    Golden Joystick floodgates open

    The shortlists for the Golden Joysticks are up and ready for voting, and every ten thousand votes there's a chance for you to win some remarkable loot. So, without much further ado, the PC games selected BY THE PEOPLE and presumably FOR THE PEOPLE for consideration include the three ingredients of the Orange Box, BioShock, Crysis, COD 4, Epic mainstays UT3 and Gears of War, Assassin's Creed and BioShock. Also occupying the venerable list are The Witcher (man I'd love to see that one win), home-spun classic Quake Wars, Dawn of War - Soulstorm and yet another trusty appearance from Football Manager. Fancy muscling in with an opinion? Just visit the spingly-spangly and utterly wonderful Golden Joystick Award website

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    TF2 Pyro Changes Thursday - Our Theories (Update!)

    Update! We've just seen what these changes are. Can't talk about them till 7pm, but suffice to say everyone's speculation is dead wrong, and the truth sounds like hilarious fun. Original post: On Thursday, Valve vow, the Pyro will get 35 class-specific achievements a set of unlockable weapons and "some significant changes" to the class.

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