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    Win! Halo Wars demo tokens TODAY

    The UNSC and Covenant's long-overdue RTS debut finally arrives on Xbox 360 later this month, but we've managed to get our hands on 20 demo tokens so you can try it out TODAY.

    Andy Robinson


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    GTA IV Hijinks Week: Glitch City

    We haven't stopped tinkering with the GTA IV video editor, so we'll be posting some more of our comedy violence shorts throughout the week. I say 'our', they're probably all going to be mine. Today's starts with a man throwing himself out of a car and screaming in slow motion, so there's that. It's embedded in squishovision below, or you can watch the high-def version over on our YouTube channel.

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    Killzone 2 reviewed in PSW!

    It's not even the second month of the year yet, but already the new issue of PSW is packed with belting reviews of some of the biggest games of the year.

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    Why you should do Work Experience at PC Gamer

    1. Exceptionally high survival rate. Almost one in three of our work experience candidates escape their five-day tour of duty alive, many of them with full use of all their limbs. Those who are eaten generally rated the experience as among the highlights of their time with us on the post-mortem appraisal form.

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    I Played A Girl (And I Liked It)

    Time for virtual sex change. I boot up Home and get to work. I go for a typical French look: big black sunnies, no shoes, wide-brimmed hat, horizontally striped top and hot pants. I top his with a short dark brown crop like Kylie rocked a few years ago. I look hot. In a mildly slutty, yet available kind of way. I'm also over 6 feet tall. With bare feet and a slight tan. How can I fail?

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    XBW 75 Out Now!

    World exclusive review - never a bad way to kick off an issue, is it? Well we've done it again, this time delivering the definitive review of Monolith's creepy FEAR 2...

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    Metal Gear Memoirs Volume 1

    The last time I played MGS4 a white man was president of the United States, the term credit crunch hadn't entered common speech and nobody knew who the fifth Cylon was. How things change.

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    PC Zone 204 - It's just as we FEARed

    Yo dawgs and dawgettes. The new issue of PC Zone should be cramming its way into your post-holes as you read this blog. It's issue 204, folks, and it's got a girl with greasy hair on the front cover. Some of you have complained that the magazine is wet, but it's not! It's just shiny! Read on to discover what delicious contents we've hidden inside...

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