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    Last chance to help Nintendo clean up at the Golden Joysticks!

    We're on the final straight. Voting for the 2008 Golden Joysticks closes next Monday and according to our Vote-O-Matic5000 things are looking pretty tight. As in: a rubbish PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 game might win. Surely you can't let such a travesty come to pass? We certainly can't. Which is why we're sounding the battle cry for a final Ninty push.

    Matthew Castle

    Associate Editor, Official Nintendo Magazine

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    Cast your vote in the Golden Joysticks!

    I think we can all agree that this last year has been not bad, not good, but all things considered, pretty bloody very well excellent for games and that. But oh, if only there were awards designed to celebrate the excellence of games from the past ye... Hold on, there are! Goodness, only the 26th Annual Golden Joysticks Awards - together with Virgin Media - an' all.

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    Win! Shaun White & FS04 Big Freeze tickets!

    Ubisoft is offering three pairs of CVG readers the chance to hit the slopes at the FS04 Big Freeze event at London Battersea Power Station this Saturday, and also play its upcoming boarding game Shaun White Snowboarding.

    Andy Robinson


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    Win a cameo in an indie game!

    Dan Marshall, head of indie studio Zombie Cow, creator of point and click adventure Ben There, Dan That, 8-bit platformer Gibbage and puzzler Cruxade, and all-round friend of PC Zone, wants YOU in his game. Click through to find out hoooooowwww.

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    The LBP Conspiracy Theory

    *Claims one tenuous, but not unthinkable, website post.

    LittleBigPlanet is being delayed until the w/c the 3rd November, since one of its songs contains two potentially offensive lines from the Qur'an. Logically, it's a disaster for Sony, though it's relatively hard to see how the offending material slipped past the - we would presume - rigorous testing process. Or at least, that's what they *want* you to think, claims one contentious website post, who suggest the delay might be entirely intentional...

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    Win! Wii and Disaster: Day of Crisis

    Disaster: Day of Crisis was one of the most interesting games showed off on the software unveiling for Wii in 2006. Now, over two years later, its finally about to arrive and we've got a copy to give away.

    Mike Jackson

    US News Editor

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    For the Horde!

    Want to play World of Warcraft with us? Of course you do. Sunday 26 October is the official launch date; Steamwheedle Cartel is the server and Horde is the side.

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    Cosplay nightmares

    In March, a group of dedicated games fans convened on the Millennium Bridge in London dressed as their favourite game characters. They broke the record for 'largest gathering of games characters' - which, evidently, didn't include things like the Tokyo Games Show where thousands of them congregate every year. Ahem.

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