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    PC Gamer Showdown tickets cheaper than ever

    We've knocked 25% off the main Showdown ticket price, so book now if the cost was stopping you before. It's now £45 for the weekend, which includes space to set up your own PC, access to the tournament area, and access to the show floor where Left 4 Dead, Mirror's Edge, Far Cry 2, Dawn of War 2 and the new Prince of Persia will all be demoed. Suggestion: come. Full details at the the official site. EDIT: we've amended the price, so it's now 25% off! Whoo!

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    Something for the weekend

    Afternoon all, It's taken us a long while to get the latest episode of PSM3's much-lauded podcast up and running but today it's here. Huzzah!

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    PSW 112 on sale now

    The best Star Wars game ever made or another dent in Lucas' reputation? Read the exclusive review of The Force Unleashed and find out!

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    From the community: Chicken Dippers

    x25Killa, in the PC Gamer community chat, pointed us to this: one of the more absurd opportunities for rampant destruction Mercenaries 2 provides. We share, because we figure you could do with a giggle, too.

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    New ideas for war games

    "War has changed..." muses Snake in the opening of MGS4. But it hasn't really, has it? We're still blowing up anti-aircraft guns, traipsing through muddy fields and taking listless pop shots at vague, Nazi-shaped blobs crouching in blown-out barns. And it's the developers' fault. They assume we all want to be infantry, because ground troops get to run about and shoot things. But there's much more to an army than that; thousands of people doing a million different jobs all contribute to a conflict. Why don't we ever see the battle from their perspective? Why must we always be a fresh-faced grunt in a squad of racical stereotypes? Here are some ideas off the top of our heads that we reckon would instantly make for a more interesting war game.

    Andy Kelly

    Games Editor

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    Where in the world is Tiny Compo?

    It's been a staple of PC Zone since time began. In fact, let me pluck a random issue from the archives to check... here we go, issue 110: What was Tom Clancy's first novel, also released as a game on the C64? It's the Tiny Compo!

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    Xbox World 360 podcast #22

    When Mike returned from Leipzig we sat him in front of a microphone and asked him to describe the show to make sure you got the inside scoop, first. Unfortunately our wonderful computers thought otherwise. So here's our second attempt with one small hitch... No Mike.

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    Win! A Sidewinder Gaming Mouse

    Now that we've teamed up with Microsoft to flog these goodies there's absolutely no excuse for us missing those precious railgun shots in lunchtime Quake.

    Andy Robinson


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    Trophy idol

    Hello all, We're on a mission to find the ultimate PS3 player. There are 167 trophies available for various achievements in games such as Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, PixelJunk Eden, Buzz! Quiz TV and the like and now we're on a quest to find the person with the biggest haul.

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