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    The Twelve Days of PC Gaming: Day Three

    With the irritatingly-named Credit Crunch - is it just a well-branded recession? - in full swing, cheerful entertainments are thin. We're not trying to be all downbeat here, but people have taken to throwing their shoes at George Bush simply because they can no longer afford tickets for blockbusters like The Day Keanu's Acting Stood Still. One day, we'll look back and say, "We made our own entertainment back then."

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    Issue 196 - it lives!

    Don't pretend you saw this coming after issue 195 appeared a month or so ago, but issue 196 is out. It's shiny and new. And it's the best issue 196 we've ever made.

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    PSM3 Podcast #14 is GO!

    Hello all, We've finally got round to putting our voices to PSM3 podcast #14 and now the finished article is ready for your audio pleasure.

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    How to survive your first hour in Home (and dodge dancing sex pests)

    As you may have read, Sony's long-awaited 3D online community, Home, launches worldwide tomorrow night, December 11th. I've been on the beta trial for a number of weeks - along with 10,000 other randomly-selected PSN users - and here's a glimpse of what to expect, with some clear dos and don'ts gleaned from hard-learned experience.

    Andy Kelly

    Games Editor

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    The Twelve Days of PC Gaming: Day One

    It's Christmas, and that makes us happy. And because we're happy, we want to make you happy. So, from today up until the Christmas, we're going to give away cool stuff.

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    Why BBC's Survivors is the best MMO ever

    Seen Survivors on BBC One? It's episode four (of six) at 9pm tonight, so either get busy on the iplayer (which now works perfectly with PS3 thanks to the recent Flash update), or wait for the box set. Pitch: 90% of the human race has died following a mystery virus, society has collapsed and a handful of random survivors are picking up the pieces. It's a zombie flick (like 28 Days Later) only without zombies... and better for it. With the collapse of society, utilities, transport, money... everything, it's a study of human nature, shorn of the structures that give our life purpose, however arbitrary or futile. And it's potentially the best Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO) ever...

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    PSW Issue 115 On Sale Now!

    Celebrate Christmas the biggest games, first as PSW looks at Aliens Colonial Marines, plays Killzone 2 and talks online co-op with the Ghostbusters developer!

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    Get your Twit on

    Hello all. Proper blog coming tomorrow, PLUS we've just finished recording the new podcast, so expect that soon. So, Twitter. Chances are you're already on it, but if not we'll try and explain.

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