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    LittleBigPlanet - 2 weeks to go

    Even with a fraction of the game's full list of materials and objects at their disposal, people have been making some unbelievable stuff in the LittleBigPlanet beta trial.

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    Join us in Warhammer Online, level up 20% faster

    Our agents inside EA report that all Order players on many Warhammer Online servers will gain experience and reknown 20% faster as of today's patch. Good time to join us on Karak-Vlag. Add Hank to your friends list, and message him for a Guild invite when you see him online.

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    Play with PC Gamer: Update

    I've been there myself. You're playing a multiplayer game, only to find yourself surrounded by idiots. It can be hard to find good people to play with - and many games are only at their best when played in big groups of organised, like-minded gamers. That's where we come in.

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    Galactic Civilizations Diary: Final Entry

    This is the continuation of my diary of the largest, longest possible game of Galactic Civilizations 2: Twilight of the Arnor. I set out to bring peace to the galaxy, but since the first entry on this page is going to be called "Star Destroyer", I think you can probably tell how well that went.

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    Ad Enough?

    So, I've just come back from a press event unveiling Eat Lead! The Return Of Matt Hazard, a third-person shooter whose eponymous hero is one of the most famous videogame characters of all time.

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    PC Zone 200: Two Hundred Cheers

    Zweihundert, doscientos, tvåhundra! We've stormed into a milestone 200th issue, and what a fantastic issue it is! An astonishingly exclusive Deus Ex 3 reveal acts as the figurehead on the prow of our mighty PC Zone sailboat, details of which have already begun spilling out on to the internet.

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    The Deus Ex 3 Experience

    Hello! Quick clarification from the news article that went up over the weekend based on our Deus Ex 3 first look. (That'll be in the shops on Thursday, for those who frequent newsagents).

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    Xbox World 360 podcast #23

    Apologies for the delayed podcast - you can chalk it up to the bumper Christmas line-up that's about to explode onto your 360. We blame Rob who, if you listen to the entire podcast, will reveal some Earth-Shattering!! news...

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    XBW 71 Out Now!

    That's right, we're the world's first magazine to conquer Dead Space and we've blown it apart in our no-holds-barred review. While other mags are claiming to have 'exclusive' hands-on we've finished it, scored it and possess the screenshots to prove it.

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    Win! Galactic Civ II & Graphics card!

    Thanks to epic space game Galactic Civilization II's stand-alone expansion Endless Universe, here's your chance to win a graphics card beefy enough to serve for tea - with chips.

    Andy Robinson


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