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    EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: Braid stars

    Welcome to the Xbox World 360 blog. So you've found all 60 puzzle pieces? Seen all the alternate text hidden in the epilogue? Completed the speed runs? Braid just keeps on giving...

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    XBW 69 Out Now!

    It's the time of the month when champagne corks are popped, parties are held and shops struggle to hold back stampeding readers. Yes, the latest issue of Xbox World 360 has hit the shelves and it's a corker.

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    Darwinians evolve a new dimension

    Indie developers Introversion are well versed in methods of getting attention. For their demonstration of Defcon they arrived in RAF gear and held a mock war planning meeting. For Multiwinia? They got even sillier.

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    Fear factor

    Why do we enjoy being scared? As human beings it's natural for us to pursue pleasure and avoid experiences that elicit negative feelings, but still every night millions of us actually pay to be racked with terror in cinemas and on our sofas.

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    Uncharted Trophies!

    Yesterday saw one of Sony's best games get the Trophy treatment. Uncharted is one of the first in a long line of titles to get additional Trophies added and this one is only a tiny 13mb update so patching Naughty Dog's plush platforming shooter is a cinch!

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    Leave la différence

    Been thinking about Mirror's Edge over the weekend and have started to get a familiar sinking feeling. And it's always the same with games that promise unbridled originality. First there's the announcement that pierces my usually impermeable aura of cynicism ('First-person combine harvester racing around a persistent, online farm in a photo-realistic virtual Norfolk?! OMG OMG OMG!'). Then there's a teaser trailer - carefully stage-managed to maximise first-blush excitement while simultaneously minimising the chances of any actual gameplay details leaking ('Is that a John Deere hay-baling machine. Look at the dung spatters! Look!). And it's all child-like optimism right up until preview code is released, whereupon, the crushing weight of my expectation of something genuinely original implodes on contact with a game that, short of being developed by angels out of golden drops of pure love, could never, ever be as good or as innovative as I think I want it to be (Yeah, it's sort of like MotorStorm but with crop-rotation. 67%').

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    Top 100 Podcast

    You heard us: Top 100! Not even a numbered podcast. But don't worry - this is non-canon, an aberration of an mp3 file where we've gathered to talk you through the Top 100. You can grab it by right-clicking here: mp3.

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