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    PES 2011: Exclusive footage + in-game action

    PSM3 Editor Dan Dawkins recently headed to Konami's Midtown, Tokyo studio to get a first look at PES 2011. As well as consuming vast amounts of raw fish and shaking hands with Seabass (not vice versa), he got to see first hand how the developers are crafting their vision of 'total freedom', and Pro Evo's most significant change in years.

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    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood in PSM3#128 on-sale today

    The new issue of PSM3 goes on-sale today, but more importantly - seen this? EA claim Spain will win the World Cup, according to FIFA World Cup 2010. Which is odd, since when we performed the same experiment in the new issue, we came up with far less conveniently credible results. Still, they sounded more authentic than when we did the same with PES 2010 - but you can read all about it in the new issue, as we put PS3's leading football games to the test. Plus...

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    Pro Evo 2011: Your in-depth questions: answered

    On May 12th, we were invited to Konami's Tokyo, Midtown HQ to play Pro Evo 2011. Our 'official' four page hands-on report, plus new screens and photos, will be in the new issue of PSM3, on-sale Thursday June 3rd - so instead we'll focus on the early code's intricacies, and answer some of your burning questions about Konami's anticipated sequel. Even if you've seen the deluge of Pro Evo 2011 material on the net this morning, there should be something new below...

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    Skate 3: The best - and worst - user-created boards revealed

    Bought Skate 3? You should. Especially if you're keen to play online, or get involved with the flexible - but mildly challenging - graphics creation tools on EA's website (ea.skate.com), allowing you to draw almost anything from scratch, then plonk the logo on your in-game deck, T-shirt or hat... then earn board sales every time someone else uploads your design. Sounds dull? Wait until you see some of the best user-created designs.

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    PSM3 podcast 27 is finally here! *UPDATED*

    The wait is over - the latest PSM3 podcast is finally here. Apologies to everyone who has been waiting for it since Friday; various 'technical' issues have prevented us from making it live. So what have you been waiting for? Well, in this episode the team have a heated debate about whether custom content a la ModNation Racers and LittleBigPlanet 2 is the future, we briefly chat about how incredible Red Dead Redemption is, and discuss the death of the High Street game shop. Cheery stuff. Oh, and there are some cracking/awful volcano puns to kick things off, but we won't spoil the surprise.

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    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - so now you know

    It's official - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood exists. It's set in Rome. It stars Ezio. It has multi-player. And, for now, that's all you're getting because the exclusive reveal of the new game is happening in the next issue of PSM3. Did you guess it from our teasing image of an eagle feather dipped in blood on the Next Month page?

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    UPDATED: Crysis 2 PS3 exclusive in PSM3#127 - PLUS! Podcast news

    EA's sci-fi shooter Crysis 2 isn't just the best looking shooter on PS3, but, arguably, the best looking game ever - and that includes Uncharted 2, plus many hotly-tipped, yet-to-be-announced E3 games to which we've been granted sneak peeks. We're the only magazine, or website, who've seen the PS3 version of Crysis 2, and can confirm it's every bit as good as the Xbox 360 game. It's just one of five (no, six... wait. Seven.) big exclusives in PSM3#127, on-sale today, which includes...

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    Pro Evo 2011: First screens, details and trailer

    As EA's confident, subtly refined, FIFA World Cup 2010 hits stores, Konami's Pro Evo 2011 focuses on "The most ambitious redesign in the series' history", claims PES Team Leader Jon Murphy. Konami have made bold promises before, only to disappoint core fans by sticking to vehemently to the series' d-pad-focused, digital roots, but PES 2011's potentially controversial 'total freedom' premise augers well, with fully customisable right stick tricks, 1000 new animations and completely freeform 360˚ control of shots and passes. So much so; it won't even be possible to press x and expect a short pass to find a team mate's feet, without directing the pass yourself...

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    Halo veteran reveals what Bungie's ten year Activision deal means for PS3 Gamers...

    Bungie, creators of the Xbox-defining Halo series, have just signed a ten-year deal with Activision Blizzard; allowing them to make games on PS3 for the first time. In equivalent terms, it's like Uncharted 2 developers Naughty Dog defecting to Xbox, or Wayne Rooney signing for Chelsea. Go here if you want to read how the industry has reacted, but if you're more interested in what it means for PS3 gaming, PSM3's console-moonlighting Halo expert, and online multi-player veteran, Owen Hill shares some intriguing insight below... with seismic implications for Modern Warfare 3.

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