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    When is a sequel not a sequel?

    After the madness that was E3 we finally had a chance to sit down and transcribe some of the interviews we'd done with the men and women of games. As we went through them we started to notice a common theme: some games are newer than others.

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    Fat, old and bald - Max Payne returns

    We're sick of generic video game heroes. We've had our fill of angry young Caucasian men with shaved heads growling and swearing their way through brainless action set-pieces. We want to play as someone real for a change. Someone we can relate to. Someone with foibles. The newest issue of American magazine Game Informer reveals that Max Payne is now a balding, bearded old man with a beer gut. A far cry from the rippled abs and symmetrical features of Space Marine Dave from Generic Science Fiction Blaster X. And we think he's all the better for it, even if a large portion of the internet doesn't. "Why do Rockstar always make ugly characters? They suck at character design!" bleats one man in a comments thread. Sigh.

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    E3 2009: The final verdict

    Well, E3 is over, and although it was nice to get a good night's sleep and look forward to a day when I'm not trawling around a convention hall dodging chubby, tat-clutching, booth-babe ogling web-journos, I'm a little sad. This year's E3 was a great one for Sony - one of the best in years. Here's why...

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    Download PSM3's E3 Reaction Podcast here NOW!

    What were the highs - and lows - of Sony's E3 conference? How did it compare to Microsoft's impressive showing? Will Sony's 'Wizard stick' motion controller match Project Natal (and will it, er, be used for erotic mini-games?) The PSM3 team address all E3's key questions in this special edition, one hour, E3 podcast - plus chat to Associate Editor Andy Hartup live from LA to get all the gossip from the E3 show floor. Click through to download the PSM3 E3 podcast now.

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    PSM3 Live at E3! UPDATED 16.05 GMT. Tues June 2 - KOJ! SPOTTED!

    Update - PSM3 spots Kojima - click for more. As we speak, PSM3's Associate Editor, Andy Hartup is live in Los Angeles, ready to report on all the major events from E3 - the world's biggest, or rather, most important games show. We'll be reporting from Sony's press conference as it happens, tonight at 7pm GMT - but big hardware and games announcements are already leaking out, including PSP Go, Xbox 360's Metal Gear Rising, Crysis 2 and more...

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    A freeze is coming

    You know the rule: if you can find three examples of something in popular culture it instantly becomes a trend. And we've spotted a new trend in video games - snow.

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    How J J Abrams' Star Trek pays homage to videogames - before killing them

    The new Star Trek movie is amazing. The first hour is better than amazing; breathless, smart, ruthlessly orchestrated and gripping to an extent that verges on perfection - there's barely a superfluous frame, let alone a sequence (bar, perhaps, the young Kirk bit). Producer JJ Abrams (of Lost, Alias, Mission Impossible III and Cloverfield fame) is a master of accessible yet demanding, niche yet mass market, entertainment - pitched at an intensity that resonates to modern multi-tasking, video game, tweet culture. And in one key sequence, he lauds - and lampoons - videogames in a few short, sharp breaths...

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    Prototype Vs inFamous

    I've been looking over the debate on various sites, including this one, about the whole inFamous versus Prototype tussle and thought I'd throw my thoughts in.

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    Celebs in games - what's the point?

    News recently broke that Heather Mills, ex-wife of Paul McCartney, turned down a chance to appear in Capcom's Bionic Commando game. According to reports she had two rather astronomical demands. First off, she allegedly wanted a six-figure salary for the privilege, and secondly she apparently made the demand that she be the lead character, and that the game revolve around her. Hmm, didn't want much, then.

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