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    2010 early hands-on special

    We've played, and in some cases finished, all of early 2010's best games. You'll need to check the magazine for the full previews and reviews, but for now here are some more personal impressions, especially for the blog.

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    Why you'd be mad to dismiss HipHopGamer

    It started with bewildered curiosity, and cautiously ironic praise, but as the weeks have gone past, we've become bona-fide, fist-pumping, fans of the HipHopGamer show. Well, by 'we', we mean about half the team - because this is pure love or hate stuff. HipHop... who? The most refreshingly positive, deceptively informed and unquestionable passionate games voice in internet games news, that's who. Take a look...

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    Represent PSM3 in MAG's Shadow War

    Some of you might already know that my track record for maintaining PSM3 Clans isn't the best (Firmwar 3.0) but I've been having fun playing MAG over the past few evenings with friends, and thought it would be good to get you - the dedicated readers - involved.

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    Do you want to win a £1500 TV for ten minutes work?

    As you might have noticed, we've made some big changes on PSM3 over the last few months - better cover quality, more pages, plus some other changes due soon, including a redesigned Online Play section - but we're always looking to improve. As such, if you own a copy of PSM3#122 (the one with Army of Two on the front), and are willing to spare ten minutes telling us what you think of the magazine, we'll enter you in a draw to win a £1500 LCD TV, with a runner up prize of a £300 shopping voucher, plus two £100 vouchers. Read on to learn more...

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    "Playstation 4 quality" spider-horse boss footage from GOW3 divides PSM3 office

    Seen Kratos battling the screen-size spider-horse boss - made out of gurgling, real-time, water - while riding on the back of a titan in God of War 3 yet? Truth is, no one has - unless you're a) One of a select group of journalists, or b) Inexplicably in possession of a top secret video, whose content was teased as being "PlayStation 4 quality" by forthright US journalist HipHopGamer after a private showing in New York last December. Click here for more. We've seen it, and - as of 5pm today - are allowed to talk about the stunning new footage...

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    Win! Tank Paintballing and Smokin' Aces 2

    Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball, starring Vinnie Jones and Tom Berenger, is out on Blu-Ray and DVD on January 25. To celebrate we're not giving away a DVD - oh no, we're giving you the chance to drive a 17 ton tank.

    Andy Robinson


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    Why the BioShock 2 developers think we're evil

    It took us 12 hours to finish BioShock 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed underwater FPS. And when presented with the game's numerous challenging moral choices, we always plumped for the most evil route as the guys who made it watched on in horror.

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    Your Top Five for 2010

    Ok, so it seems - from the comments on the last blog - that you guys aren't so hot for Bayonetta. Fair enough (Andy H is deeply upset). So, we want to know about the games you will be buying over the next year. The ones that are currently tickling your gaming taste-buds, and making your bank account extremely nervous.

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    Why Bayonetta needs your love

    Happy New Year to you all! We hope you had a fantastic Crimbo break, and that you played plenty of PS3 games. We certainly did - Borderlands, Assassin's Creed 2 and - bizarrely - Final Fantasy VII (Andy K played it for 30 hours) took up most of our time. And now our thoughts turn to free weekends in January, and most of us will be playing... Bayonetta.

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    Podcast #23 is LIVE!

    What started out as a pretty so-so year for PlayStation 3 quickly escalated to one of the best in years. This special end of year podcast looks back at 2009. Our favourite games, the ones we hated, why PSP failed and an uncanny impression of Fei Long from Street Fighter IV. Yes.

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