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    EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: Braid stars

    Welcome to the Xbox World 360 blog. So you've found all 60 puzzle pieces? Seen all the alternate text hidden in the epilogue? Completed the speed runs? Braid just keeps on giving...

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    Win! HDTV, console and Quake Wars

    We've got a big one for you here - a bad-ass gaming setup including a 32" HDTV, a console and a copy of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, all for one lucky winner.

    Mike Jackson

    US News Editor

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    Win! A PS3 and Coke Zone points

    CVG has teamed up with Coke Zone, the first ever GB Coca-Cola rewards programme, to offer lucky gamers the chance to win a PS3, a selection of games and Coke Zone reward points.

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    Win! 500 Age of Conan Beta Keys

    So you want to win an Age of Conan beta key then? Well, this is the place to do it as our pals over at Eidos have handed us 500 keys to give away over the next five days (which means we're giving away 100 keys a day if your maths is a bit rubbish).

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    Win! Official GTA IV Strategy Guide

    April 29 will be the day the Earth stands still. Millions of workers will phone in 'sick', stock markets will crash, national rail will shut down - well, actually that's nothing new - no Family Buckets will be served and even your local corner shop will only open between 10 and 12. Yes, GTA IV is very nearly upon us, and it seems the whole world wants to play.

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    Win! LotRO Gold Edition

    It's amazing what we sometimes find squirreled away under our desks. Case in point: 10 copies of the Gold Edition of MMO Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. How they've survived without being part-exchanged we've no idea...

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