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    Got the new issue of PSM3? We need your help

    Regular forumites / blog readers will remember us asking for your help re-designing our Browser section of the magazine - resulting in not one, but two, new sections; Upgrade (A dedicated tech section to help you get more from PS3) and Archive (A full PS3 review archive, and more exhaustive release schedule), debuting in this month's magazine. Now you've had time to read them - what do you think?

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    Download PSM3's Heavy Rain 'Spoilercast' NOW!

    WARNING! Don't even *think* about listening to this podcast unless you've finished Heavy Rain - in film terms, it starts with us revealing Bruce Willis is a ghost, and gets slightly more ruinous from there. But, if you've finished PS3's dramatic masterpiece, you might be shocked to learn quite how divergent the plot really is - and what PSM3 really think about one of the most emotional, divisive, games of the year.

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    PSM3 Podcast#25 is now LIVE! *UPDATED with MP3*

    8005... oh, God, we haven't got the heart to check the error number responsible for the ApocalyPS3 anymore, but you can hear what last week's 24 hour PS3 blackout *really* means on the latest PSM3 podcast; plus the inside track on the Infinity Ward scandal, new insight on Mikami's Vanquish, more Battlefield Bad Company 2 online eulogies... and Owen's love for a puzzle game beaver.

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    PS3's best multi-player game is...

    "For our money, the best Battlefield yet is a better online game than Modern Warfare 2" or so shouts the quote from PSM3 on the Battlefield Bad Company 2 adverts, strewn all over the internet and TV right now. And guess what? We stand by the quote. It isn't some random snippet taken out of context from one of our previews - it speaks the truth.

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    Post-Apocalyps3: Why Sony's global glitch needed to last longer

    What did you do on your enforced night off from PS3? Watch Caprica on Sky+ (like PSM3 Editor Dan Dawkins)? Play with the cat (Andy Hartup)? Play Blur's multi-player beta on Xbox 360 (like Andy Kelly)? Truth told, a night was barely enough time to notice, and an easy victory for unwatched episodes of TV, plodding about on the internet and, well, Xbox. What we really wanted, and a lot of us, needed, is for our PS3s to stop working for a month.

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    UPDATED 07.59 am: PS3's 8001050F error - the apocalyps3 is over. We've won, people.

    So... this is what it was like to be captaining a Battlestar on the day of the Fall; when the Cylon virus disabled our defences, leaving us to damn Gaius Baltar's betrayal and... er, not really, but if you read the internet today, you'd be under the impression that EVERY PS3 IN THE WORLD is under the control of a mystery virus that will eat your files, delete your Trophies or make your games stop working online, and off.

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    Download the Yakuza 3 PSN demo tonight... or never complain about dull sequels again

    After months of pleading, Sega have finally agreed to bring Japanese action epic Yakuza 3 to the UK - and you can play the demo tonight via the PSN Store. Here's some advice: play it. After all, who doesn't love games where you hit a man with a bin before sharing a cigarette? Put simply, if we don't support titles like Sega's eclectic epic - a mixture of fighting, darts, orphan care, karaoke and sexy lady time - then nobody has the right to complain when interesting games cease to exist.

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    What PSM3's real-life dad thinks of virtual parenting in Heavy Rain

    Well, I've never upset my son by failing to, er, three quarter twist the analogue stick before, but a lot of the virtual parenting mechanics in Heavy Rain are eerily close to the mark; in a crude, not actually that "realistic, but..." way. It's also the first game to make a virtue of guilt as a game mechanic, with a neat dynamic that'll upset, yet clumsily educate, legions of emotionally-illiterate gamers who've retreated to their consoles trying to avoid such real-world complexities in the first place.

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