Tim Weaver

Tim Weaver

Managing Editor

  • Email: tim.weaver@futurenet.com

Writer, journalist and Curly Wurly connosieur, Tim Weaver is Managing Editor in Future Games, the evil empire that oversees websites like CVG and leading print titles such as Edge and Official Xbox Magazine.

What does a Managing Editor do? Good question. We're still trying to find out ourselves, but it seems to involve shouting at a team of writers, staring at spreadsheets, pretending he's organised, helping out with CVG's video reviews, co-hosting our weekly GTA V O'Clock show, and acting as a part-time negotiator. "It's just like Pick 'n' Mix," he adds, helpfully.

In a past life, Tim was editor of N64 Magazine, NGC, Arcade, Official PlayStation Magazine and Xbox World, and - outside of Future Games - has written for newspapers and magazines like The Guardian and Sports Illustrated. He's also appeared on shows such as The Big Breakfast, Newsround and Radio 5 Live.

Finally, in 2010, Tim decided to give up sleep full-time when his first novel, Chasing the Dead, became a Sunday Times bestseller and Penguin offered him a contract to write five more. He does this while continuing to run around after his six-year-old daughter, scream at the TV while watching his beloved Arsenal, and come into work to do uncanny impressions (his words) of Star Wars' Emperor. He begs you to find out more about him here.

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