Name Format Release date
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial GBA 
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial GBC 
EA Playground WII 
EA Playground DS 
EA Sports Active WII 
EA Sports Active 2 WII 
EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp WII 
EA Sports Football Academy DS 
EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis WII 
Earth Seeker WII 
Earthbound WiiU 
Earthworm Jim GBA 
Earthworm Jim 2 GBA 
Earthworm Jim 3D N64 
Easy Piano DS 
Ecks vs Sever GBA 
Ecks Vs Sever 2 GBA 
ECW Hardcore Revolution N64 
Eggo Mania GBA 
Eggo Mania GC 
Electroplankton DS 
Eledees WII 
Eledees 2 DS 
Eledees: The Adventures of Kai and Zero DS 
Elite GBA 
Elite Beat Agents DS 
Emergency Heroes WII 
Emergency Mayhem WII 
Enclave 2 GC 
Endless Ocean 2 WII 
Enjoy Your Massage! WII 
Ennichi No Tatsujin WII 
Enter the Matrix GC 
Epic Mickey WII 
Epic Mickey 2 WiiU 
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion 3DS 
Equilibrio WII 
ESPN Final Round Golf GBA 
ESPN Great Outdoor Games - Bass Tournament GBA 
ESPN International Winter Sports GC 
ESPN Winter X Snowboarding 2 GBA 
ESPN X Games Skateboarding GBA 
Eternal Darkness GC 
Eternity's Child WII 
Etrian Odyssey DS 
Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes of Lagaard DS 
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan 3DS 
European Super League GBA 
Evasive Space WII 
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