Name Format Release date
Half-Life 2: Orange Box PS3 
Harker PS3 
Harrry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PS3 
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix PS3 
Haze PS3 
HD Eye Toy PS3 
Heat PS3 
Heavenly Sword PS3 
Heavenly Sword 2 PS3 
Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer PS3 
Hellboy PS3 
Hellraid PS3 
Heroes Over Europe PS3 
Highlander PS3 
Hit Monkey PS3 
Hitman PS3 
Hitman 5 PS3 
Hitman Absolution PS3 
Hitman HD Trilogy PS3 
Hohokum PS3 
Home PS3 
Homefront PS3 
Hot Shots Golf 5 PS3 
Hotline Miami PS3 
House of the Dead Overkill - Extended Cut PS3