Name Format Release date
Mad Max PS3 
Mad Max: Fury Road PS3 
Madden NFL 07 PS3 
Madden NFL 12 PS3 
Madden NFL 15 PS3 
Madden NFL 25 PS3 
Madden NFL Arcade PS3 
Mafia II PS3 
MAG: Massive Action Game PS3 
Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom PS3 
Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet PS3 
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 PS3 
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 PS3 
Mass Effect 2 PS3 
Mass Effect 3 PS3 
Max Payne 3 PS3 
Medal of Honor PS3 
Medal of Honor: Airborne PS3 
Medal Of Honor: Warfighter PS3 
Mega Man 9 PS3 
Megamind: Ultimate Showdown PS3 
Men in Black: Alien Crisis PS3 
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames PS3 
Metal Gear Online PS3 
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PS3 
Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 
Metal Gear Solid 5 PS3 
Metal Gear Solid HD Edition PS3 
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes PS3 
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS3 
Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection PS3 
Metro: Last Light PS3 
Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor PS3 
Midnight Club: Los Angeles PS3 
Mindjack PS3 
Minecraft PS3 
Mini Ninjas PS3 
Mirror's Edge PS3 
MLB 11 PS3 
MLB 12: The Show PS3 
MLB 13: The Show PS3 
MLB 2k 13 PS3 
MLB 2K10 PS3 
MLB 2k11 PS3 
Modern Combat: Domination PS3 
Modern Warfare 3 PS3 
ModNation Racers PS3 
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. (PSP Remaster series) PS3 
Monster Madness: EX PS3 
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