Name Format Release date
J. League Perfect Striker 3 PS2 
Jackass The Game PS2 
Jackass: The Game PSP 
Jacked PS2 
Jackie Chan Adventures PS2 
Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster PS 
Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery Vita 
Jade Cocoon PS 
Jade Cocoon 2 PS2 
Jak 2 - Renegade PS2 
Jak and Daxter PS2 
Jak and Daxter Collection Vita 
Jak and Daxter Collection PS3 
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier PSP 
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier PS2 
Jak III PS2 
Jak X PS2 
James Bond 007 Agent Under Fire PS2 
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing PS2 
James Bond 007: Nightfire PS2 
James Bond in... Phoenix Rising PS2 
James Bond: Blood Stone PS3 
James Cameron's Avatar PS3 
James Cameron's Dark Angel PS2 
Jaws Unleashed PS2 
Jeanne d' Arc PSP 
Jekyll and Hyde PS2 
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 PS 
Jeremy McGrath Supercross World PS2 
Jersey Devil PS 
Jet Ion GP PS2 
Jet Rider PS 
Jet Rider 2 PS 
Jet Set Radio Vita 
Jet Set Radio PSN 
Jet Ski Riders PS2 
Jet X20 PS2 
Jimmy Neutron Jet Fusion PS2 
Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius PS2 
Jimmy Neutron: Attack of the Twonkies PS2 
Jimmy White's Cueball World PS2 
Jinx PS 
Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Chapter 5 PS2 
Joe Danger 1 & 2 Vita 
Joe Danger 2 PSN 
Joe Danger: The Movie PS3 
John Daly's Prostroke Golf PS3 
Johnny Bazookatone PS 
Jonah Lomu Rugby PS 
Jonny Moseley's Mad Trix PS2 
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