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Mario Kart DS

Nintendo DS
Racing / Driving
Thursday 8th Dec 2005
  • News

    Loads of people love Nintendo Wi-fi!

    Nintendo has today announced that over 200,000 unique users worldwide have used the company's brand new Wi-fi Connection Service since its US launch on November 14.

Thursday 1st Dec 2005
Friday 25th Nov 2005
Thursday 24th Nov 2005
Tuesday 22nd Nov 2005
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    Lots of Americans play Mario Kart online

    Nintendo of America, the American arm of Nintendo, based in America, near Canada, has released early figures on the initial online take-up of its wi-fi service by gamers who've purchased Mario Kart DS.

Wednesday 16th Nov 2005
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    Win! GBA SP signed by Shigeru Miyamoto!

    In the real world, you'll get no kudos for your finely groomed moustache. There just isn't any place for dandy facial hair in today's modern society, unless you're a porn star, obviously.

Tuesday 15th Nov 2005
Thursday 3rd Nov 2005
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    Mario Kart DS bundle hits the tarmac

    Those of you deprived of Nintendo's dual-screended wonder system can breathe easy, because later this month we're all going to be spoiled with an all new system bundle.

Monday 31st Oct 2005
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    Jim Merrick Talks Mario Kart DS, Revolution

    Nintendo high-flyer Jim Merrick has dropped some tasty new Revolution details while also talking up Mario Kart DS in a recent chat with Spanish website Meristation.

Friday 28th Oct 2005
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    Mario Kart DS vids!

    We love Mario Kart. The diehards whinged that Double Dash was a blaspheme against the series' roots, but we loved the utterly unfair at time co-op whacky races action. Oh the joy. Sod the diehards - it ruled.

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