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Metro: Last Light

Deep Silver
4A Games
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Metro: Last Light is THQ and 4A's sequel to the much underrated hidden gem Metro 2033 and its release date is set for March 2013. Continuing the story of Metro hero Artyom as he becomes a fully fledged Ranger, Metro Last Light is set in the post-apocalyptic underworld of the Moscow metro as the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse begin to claw their way back to the surface. Metro Last Light follows the canon ending of the Metro 2033 novel and with the threat of the Dark Ones eliminated, will centre around the conflict between Communist, Fascist and Polis factions as they battle to control the D12 complex. Metro: Last Light will appear on PC, Xbox 360 and for the very first time on PlayStation 3, as Sony fans get their chance to sample the Metro saga.

Wednesday 2nd Apr 2014
Wednesday 16th Oct 2013
Thursday 12th Sep 2013
Wednesday 11th Sep 2013
Wednesday 4th Sep 2013
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    Metro Last Light Tower Pack DLC out now - gameplay video

    Deep Silver has released Metro: Last Light's Tower Pack DLC. Priced at $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99, it's available now worldwide on PC and Xbox 360. It's also out now on PS3 in the US and will hit Sony's console later today in Europe.

Thursday 29th Aug 2013
Wednesday 28th Aug 2013
Tuesday 27th Aug 2013
Friday 23rd Aug 2013
Wednesday 17th Jul 2013
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